Casino Rama is a beautiful Casino that can be found just outside of Toronto, Ontario. It is actually classed as one of the best casinos in Ontario. This is a Casino that offers over 2,500 slot games and entertains those who enjoy table games with their 110 games.

As you can imagine it is a fairly big establishment that is able to entertain a great deal of gaming enthusiasts at any given time. This of course creates a big responsibility for keeping the premises clean at all times. In order to do this they have to rely on a very large janitorial staff.

Not only does Casino Rama have a large gaming section, they also have several restaurants on the premises, plus they are home to a very prestigious hotel section. This has really opened up the tourist features of the Casino but also has increased the work load for the number of janitorial services needed for both the gaming section and the accommodation section.

This is a Casino that takes great pride in their cleanliness. At any given time when using the washroom facilities here patron will see at least one janitor if not more tending to the many washrooms that this facility has on the premises.

There is separate cleaning staff that goes around and is constantly wiping down the slot machines whenever they are vacant. This is a full time job in itself. Beverages are constantly being served to those who are enjoying the games. Again, this creates another need for a group of janitors to constantly monitor the gaming section so they can remove discards cups and bottles.

One of the reasons that Casino Rama is so well liked is because the clean atmosphere that is provided to the patrons here is well noted and appreciated.