Fallsview Casino which in located at Niagara Falls Ontario is a big casino that employs a great number of people and the majority of them report that working there is a great environment. With the type of activities that are carried on in a establishment such as this there are plenty of different types of Fallsview Casino Jobs that have to be filled.


With the large number of table games that are played at this casino there is a need for several croupiers that are able to work various shifts. Those that are interested in these positions need to have some set skills and some specific training. Before applying for a job as croupier at a land based or a online casino you need to be able to play like a pro, read the comprehensive guides at www.casinoguides.ca.


There are large crowds of people that frequent the Fallsview and this opens up Fallsview Casino jobs for the casino sector as well as for the Hotel segment of the hotel. Again it requires a large team of dedicated workers to fill these positions. This hold equally true for the Hotel side which requires staff for the cleaning of the rooms. Then for the Casino sector there are the washrooms, the common areas, the playing floor and the machines that all have to be kept clean.

Customer Service Representatives

This takes in a whole gambit of the Fallsview Casino Jobs that are sometimes available at this Casino. This includes the cashiers who handle the payouts. The runners on the floor that takes care of any issues, and the coat check clerks, along with many other positions.


With a big and prosperous establishment such as the Fallsview it means having different management teams to handle all the different employee’s that work here.

This Casino is known to be excellent with their staff. They provide a free gym for their employees and there is a separate dining room that offers excellent food. They offer great benefits and and annual staff parties.