Casinos across Canada provide many job opportunities that require the skills of many different types of people. One large sector of jobs that needs filling at these casinos are janitorial jobs. There can be different kinds of these that fall into this category.

General Janitors

The general janitors have the everyday tasks of keeping the Casinos clean and neat. They are normally responsible for the washrooms and common areas. They are assigned the tasks of making sure the gaming areas of kept clean from cups and garbage. Some are assigned to wiping down the machines as often as they can.


There are in some instances where the janitors specialize in their services where their responsibilities are in keeping the heating and cooling systems fully maintained in the Casinos. Included in this will be making sure that all of the lighting is working at its best.

Maintenance Janitors

Another group of positions that may need filling at these establishments are those that are in respect to the maintenance that needs to be kept on. With so many people using these establishments on a twenty four hour basis it creates a need for ongoing maintenance. There are always minor repairs that need to be done. There may be minor plumbing issues that have to be attended to.

Janitorial Jobs in Management

With so many different janitorial departments it requires good management teams to do the scheduling and be able to manage the janitorial staff efficiently. Included in this category would be shift supervisors to assist with these responsibilities.

With so many different types of janitorial jobs being available in Casinos it is a good environment for one to start at the entry level and work their way up the ladder of success. Janitorial jobs in casinos are not considered as minor jobs.