As you can imagine with the many Casinos that exist in Canada they service a huge number of people. These gaming institutions provide many different forms of gaming entertainment. They mostly have big establishments that must be kept clean. For this reason they need a large number of janitorial supplies.

The Canadian Casinos have many regulations that they must adhere to for keeping their establishments clean. This usually requires them to have a large cleaning staff on the premises and usually they are needed around the clock. This is because many of the Canadian casinos are open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

Usually there will be a janitorial department that is run by one segment of the management. They have many tasks and one of these is making sure that there are enough janitorial supplies on hand so the cleaning staff can perform their tasks appropriately. It also means having a designated area where all these supplies can be stored and easily accessed.

Many of the casinos have many different areas that need to be attended to. With the bigger Casino establishments they normally have several washrooms that need attending to on a constant basis. This demands a need for some specific supplies such as different types of cleaning products and disinfectants. Then there is the gaming sections. With the machines constantly being touched by the slot enthusiasts they need to be wiped down and sanitized whenever a machine is not in use.

Often there are several janitors walking the floors of the Casinos making sure that everything is being kept clean.

When the Casinos follow such a rigid program as this it does increase the costs for the janitorial supplies but these establishments recognize how important it is for them to keep their premises neat and clean for their patrons.